How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

How to Get Perfect Social Posts Every Time

Ever wonder what makes some posts go viral while others go completely unnoticed? Thanks to the magic of big data we have a small glimpse into the world of viral social media posts. Here are some take aways:

Facebook: Keep it positive, include an image, link back to your website, and make sure to keep your messaging short suggestive - send them to your site for more!

Twitter: Use to increase shares, also keep abbreviations and crazy capitalization to a minimum. And don’t forget to ask for retweets! Read more on this here.

Pinterest: Can you believe that images with red/orange in them get shared more than others? How about the fact that images without heads get shared 25% more than images with heads. Weird, but true.

Google+: I have a Google+ page and do not use it. Do you use yours? How has it helped your business? The tips above are similar with the tips I tell my clients - tag others, use good images, and use hashtags.

And of course don’t forget to post during the times when most people are on that platform. ICYMI: Read that article here. Happy marketing!