7 Myths of Email Marketing Debunked

7 Myths of Email Marketing: Exposed!

Lately email marketing has a bad wrap. It is too bad because email marketing is actually a tremendously cost effective way to engage users in a noninvasive way. Noninvasive, you say? Don’t believe me?

Here’s what I mean.

You’re emailing folks that have the option to opt out of your emails. So, when your message arrives in their inbox they can choose to open it or not, delete it or not, mark you as spam or not and that is even before they read it! That’s important engagement even before they read your message. 

Only 1 in 200 people mark emails as Spam. Those are great odds. Take them.

Additionally, emails sit in the inbox of your subscribers until they delete them. Giving them a much longer shelf life than a tweet or Facebook post. Not to mention they reach folks that are not on social media. Win. 

Emails keep your users in the loop, if they read them or not, they see your email and subconsciously that keeps you and your business top of mind.

Do your business a favor and get yourself an email campaign asap. We can help.