I couldn’t help myself, Weird Al is making a comeback and I just had to share one of his recent releases. Word Crimes is about the terrible grammer grammar and spelling that is all over the internet. It is really comical and I must admit that I am guilty. We all are! 

Word to the wise: misspelling something in your social media or blog is not just embarrassing. It is also a huge credibility read  red flag.

For example, you are a very talented designer and you are trying to increase your name ID and expert status in the community by blogging about your favorite techniques. How credible are you to potential customers if you cannot spell the very word techique technique?

Would they trust you to accurately paint their home if you cannot even use basic English?

Probably not.

TIP: Copy and paste your post into Word, check the spelling, and make sure you READ IT OUT LOUD. That last step is very helpful and will show you any syntax errors. The more you know!

Word Crimes by “Weird Al” Yankovic