Article Review: How to Create a Professional Online Presence Authentically

Your goal is to communicate a professional narrative about yourself that is clear, concise, and effective,” Koutsomitis says. “You want people—and companies—to come away with a strong sense of your competencies and a.png

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Our clients often forget that their personal brand is just as important as their companies brand. The reality is that for a small business owner that many times they are one and the same. Attorneys, designers you name it - the personal brand is synonymous with their businesses because many of their opportunities come from their personal connections. This is true especially when they are first launching their businesses. This is why this latest article in Goop really resonated with me.


Why is it important to have an authentic online image?


Whether or not you’re actively marketing yourself online, your story will still be out there, so you should embrace the opportunity to take control of it. It is in your power to promote the professional image you want so that any other online links (think Google search) play a supporting role in your story and career. Dictating your own story is key to getting where you want to go.

People want to see truth, vulnerability, and authenticity. In the TED Talk “The Art of Being Yourself,” Caroline McHugh talks about the “true mirror,” which is a mirror that shows you a true image of yourself, not reversed, allowing you to see yourself the way other people see you. This is what happens when people view your online presence. People can determine whether you are portraying your authentic self or a contrived version of who you are. Think of your online presence as a true mirror. This mirror should reflect a true version of who you are, detailing the nuances of your journey, both personal and professional.

Your online presence is distinguished by its uniformity and the strength of its narrative. The more cohesive your professional story is across online platforms, the better.

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