Yes, this is IRONY coming from us. LOL.

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. All rights belong to HBO. Check out the official channel here:
In this brief segment from Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” on HBO, John Oliver not only joins the continuing Facebook pile-on, he plays the social network’s recent so-called “apology” commercial in full, and then suggests that Facebook needs a more honest ad. One that doesn’t try to pretend that Facebook is anything other than, as Oliver puts it, a “surveillance system disguised as a high school reunion.” Where could Facebook find such an ad? On “Last Week Tonight,” of course! In this very segment, in fact (at the end). Oliver & Co.’s ad spoof is so good (and so short) that we don’t want to give you any spoilers here—except to say “bravo” to the ad’s tagline: “We own who you are.”

And yes, that is Thomas “Silicon Valley” Middleditch doing the voice-over.
— Simon Dumenco, AdAge