Afton is great at what she does. Most importantly, she listens. And she crafts a plan specific to your business and goals.

She takes into account who you are as a business, the image you put out, who you want to attract, and how much time you have to do all of this.

We are a boutique law firm and in our 7th year of our business, so we do not have a designated marketing person, yet. My husband and I do it all.

It was important for us for our plan to fit into our busy schedules. And that our social media strategy was not cheesy or overly done.

Afton delivers on-time as promised. She provided us a with a written plan, which we still reference often.

It was followed-up by a training session with an overview on how to apply her plan. And so many tips about different platforms and what to post and when.

One highlight is the posting schedule she provided us – so very helpful. I can’t say we’ve done it all, but we’re getting there little by little.

One of the best things for me is that she is not pushy and does not make you feel like you must do everything in order to have a successful social media platform.

I love how Afton is available for questions as they arise and can help with other aspect of our marketing.

Now she’s consulting with us about switching our site from Godaddy to another platform for our website.

She’s also become a friend and seems genuinely interested in us and our success.
— Thais Amaral Tellawi, Amaral Tellawi Law